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This review may contain spoilers.

Well, what a waste of a character. This movie is not about the joker, it's about sending a message about something and using the face of the joker to do it. Joaquin nails it as a disturbed character...and nothing more, since the only actual "joker" is for like 10 min and he's just whining about life.

Nice cinematography, and The King of Comedy homage is actually really nice and beautifully done, but gives almost no substance or overdoes it.

But the writing is awful, we're forced to buy into this character as a victim by the constant forced twists. I guess this is Phillips spiraling after reading "all it takes is one bad day..." from The Killing Joke and having no idea how to make it work. It just missed the point of the character completely, the Joker is not a "crazy dude off his meds" who "got a bad day" and decided to send a message to the masses. He's fucking evil and amoral, just a psycopath that needs no defending or justification, and that's why he's a fucking cool supervillain, a chaotic evil counterpoint to Batman's lawful good side.

The only thing that would make sense about this is if this 2 hour introduction is not a waste of time because there's a sequel planned out (and even with that, it's just ANOTHER popcorn comicbook movie)

This would be a bad movie if the character were just a random killer clown.

Fucking society memes. The last act tried to be Watchmen too hard and failed.

Golden Lion my ass.

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