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Sean Brennan


I love da moviesh

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  • The Apartment
  • Paper Moon
  • A New Leaf
  • A.I. Artificial Intelligence

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  • Fall of the Ibis King

  • August Sky

  • Mr. James Is Dead.

  • Censor of Dreams

Recent reviews

  • The Matrix Resurrections

    The Matrix Resurrections


    This was a unique take on a reboot that keeps you guessing for a lot of the run time. It’s a shame the action is so much worse than the original trilogy. The super clean cinematography made sense in the Matrix but while outside of it the slick look was a bit off putting. Still definitely worth watching and a worthy fourth film in the franchise.

  • Vice



    This is like a mixture of The Big Short and Don’t Look Up but that combination does not work imo. It has the video essay elements of The Big Short but with longer stretchs of pure narrative. I can’t deny that’s it’s interesting and informative but McKay really ironned out this style with Don’t Look Up (even though it seems like I’m in the minority in liking that movie.)

Popular reviews

  • Martyrs


    absolute trash. torture porn with tacked on halfbaked philosophy. they set up some good mysteries in the beginning and the film keeps you guessing but it quickly devolves into tedious torture that drags on forever. the veil of pretension is so thin that i’m surprised people buy it as a good movie. this is like if Saw was trying to make 14 year olds think it was deep without the fun gimmick of the traps.

  • Red Rocket

    Red Rocket


    This film will definitely be divisive and it’s a bold move coming after a huge hit like the Florida Project. Sean Baker was at the screening and as able to speak about how this was filmed during covid and how it was shot over the course of a month with a crew of 10. I’d love to see other filmmakers flucuate the budgets of their films outside of global pandemics because there’s a lot of value in telling smaller stories like this. 

    I went in expecting it to almost be a comedy and it definitely isn’t. It’s a rollercoaster but well worth the price of admission