Hour of the Wolf

Hour of the Wolf ★★★★½

Daily Horror Hunt #32 (February 2021) 12/28
I did an awesome job creating and hosting a Horror Hunt in January. Let's watch something that I rated four stars or higher.

I do like movies from Ingmar Bergman even though I still haven't seen many movies from him. However, I need to be in the right mood to watch his movies. Seeing that today has been a rainy day, I decided to revisit this movie on the Criterion Channel. Hour of the Wolf is still a fantastic movie in my opinion. I can understand why people won't like this movie because this movie does feel slow despite it being under 90 minutes. It also takes a while for the crazy horror stuff to happen.

The reason why I enjoy this movie because it's dark, surreal, and atmospheric. You can see where David Lynch got some of his inspiration from when watching this movie. You have a cold windy atmosphere, beautiful cinematography, and disturbing imagery that makes Hour of the Wolf worth sitting through. I love how chilling the music is because it helps set up the mood for the story. It's hard to talk about the story for this movie because the story is up for interpretation. Hour of the Wolf deals with themes of death, dreams, and affairs. You need to watch the movie for yourself and decide on what the story is truly about in my opinion. I like when movies do that because it's fun to talk about movies with people. Everyone has their own take on the story and not everyone is going to have the same point of view as you do.

Overall, Hour of the Wolf is a great movie and I do recommend it for anyone who is into art-house horror films. Rating: 9/10

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