Lupin III: The First

Lupin III: The First ★★★★

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I'm a big fan of Lupin the Third and I have looked forward to watching this movie when it was released last year. I missed my chance to see it on the big screen due to lack of time and money. Thankfully, it lives up to my expectations. Lupin III: The First is a solid film in my opinion. I love how they were able to capture the spirit of the anime and manga so perfectly. You have plenty of action, humor, and drama that you would find in the other Lupin the 3rd titles. The animation was fantastic and it's on par with a Pixar film in my opinion. I love how much detail that they put into the animation and the characters move so fluidly. It's a shame that the Oscars tend to ignore anime outside of Studio Ghibli. They should have given it a nomination in my opinion.

The story was pretty good and it's not a bad introduction to people who never watch or read anything related to Lupin the Third. Lupin the Third is an easy franchise to get into because most of the franchise is episodic in my opinion. I did like that the story almost had an Indiana Jones vibe to it with Nazis trying to use a powerful weapon from a highly advanced lost civilization. I watched the English dub because I was curious to see what the English voices are like. I always prefer Lupin the Third in Japanese, but I do really enjoy the English cast for Lupin the Third. Tony Oliver (Robotech) is still excellent as Lupin the Third in my opinion and the rest of the voice actors did a solid job with their performances. Even though I love this movie, I do think they could have done a better job with the plot twists. They were so obvious that you could see them coming a mile away.

Overall, Lupin III: The First is a great movie and I do recommend checking it out. Rating: 8.5/10

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