Under the Silver Lake ★★★★

This is a great movie despite the flaws. The acting was great and the cinematography was amazing. I didn't mind the movie being a slow burn because I found myself sucked into the movie's atmosphere (I like movie's with a very summer feeling to them). I did enjoy the mixed styles that this movie had by mixing in noir, horror, and dark comedy. The movie kinda remind me of a mix between Mulholland Drive, Rear Window, and Brick.

I also enjoy all the cool movie references and nods that this movie has (Sam (Andrew Garfield) has cool taste in movies). People feel like this movie is too confusing, but that's what I enjoy about the movie because it kept me hooked and had me thinking after the movie was over. I'm also into mysteries, urban legends, and conspiracy theories as well. So I did enjoy many of the discussions that the characters had about the theories and mysteries in this movie.

By all means, this is not a perfect movie and I think It Follows (from the same director) is a better movie. I still recommend to check out this movie if you are into Neo Noir or movies about urban legends and conspiracy theories. Rating: 8.5/10

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