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  • A Letter to Three Wives

    A Letter to Three Wives



    Neat concept with great performances, really sharp dialogue and some funny bits. First flashback story was bit bland but other two were quite good. Overall though I kinda failed to see the point of it but it was pretty enjoyable to watch.

  • Jezebel




    Carried by an excellent Bette Davis performance, some great visuals and cool costumes.

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  • The Philadelphia Story

    The Philadelphia Story



    The cast is like Real Madrid Galácticos. Overall though this was slightly underwhelming(kinda appropriate Real reference) for me because of the high expectations I had. Still it's certainly a good time. It's endlessly charming, dialogue is great and the character dynamics is marvellous, especially the one between Grant and Stewart.

  • Fox and His Friends

    Fox and His Friends



    Fassbinder is hit and miss for me. I always admire his films from a technical standpoint but stories don't always work for me. This one for me overall was a hit. It does drag a bit and its somewhat repetitive, could've been 15-20 minutes shorter but the ideas it explored were good and the payoff in the end was worth it even though it took some time to get there.