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  • Durian Durian
  • An Autumn Tale
  • I Was Born, But...
  • Take Care of Your Scarf, Tatiana

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  • Rio, 40 Degrees C.

  • Zero Focus

  • Carmen from Kawachi

  • The Other Side of Fire

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  • Rio, 40 Degrees C.

    Rio, 40 Degrees C.

    It has lot of interesting things going for it, the neorealist elements are fine, it's shot well, there are some effective moments. But it just lacks clear focus, there's too many characters and subplots which made it hard fully care for anything. Overall it's decent and has stuffs that are genuinely good but the muddled narrative made it underwhelming.

  • Zero Focus

    Zero Focus

    Zero Focus? More like you need 100% focus.

    A bleak, melancholic, bitter tragedy that combines noir and melodrama. Quite twisty, women-centric, terrific b/w photography, delicious atmosphere and I obviously really like Yoshiko Kuga. The structure is pretty nice, Rashomon elements. It touches on some of the social stigmas of that period, that fear of social rejection basically led to all the events. The finale on the cliff was quite well done. Not as good as Stakeout but very enjoyable.


Popular reviews

  • Tobacco Road

    Tobacco Road



    Grotesque but in a way that it's brilliant. It's extreme in some ways but that also really works and eventually this turned out to be something beautiful and quite poignant. Sure the comedy is little over the top but Ford is a master and he finds the right balance between the comedic elements and the tragic melodrama that captures the sense of desperation and survival during a difficult time with great deal of subtlety and empathy — while Ford…

  • The Worst Person in the World

    The Worst Person in the World



    As a 28 year old (29 in less than 6 months) with no prospect and no future, I guess you could say that this was pretty relatable in some places. But hopefully no one will have to die for me to get my shit together.