Burning ★★★★½

I held back on posting this for two days because there's a lot to unpack and to mull over. And I definitely have. Burning has crept back into my thoughts a few times a day. My opinion, or take, on the ending has changed a few times too, each time I think about another aspect or moment.

I love the ambiguity which is not just simmering in the plot but in each of our three protagonists. This is a slow-burning film for its first hour or so but never feels dull, it allows the characters the time to breathe and for the plot to settle down and play out. No shot or moment feels wasted, each contribute to how you can read this and the characters themselves.

However you interpret the events and the ending, this is brilliant film-making. Gorgeous in parts too visually. Whether you take away the metaphors of being stuck creatively, whether you read it as a somewhat brutal diagnosis of how we chose to see people, get to know people or just let them pass by without consideration. I'm looking forward to repeat viewings to see if any new details help me feel stronger one way or the other.

Trying not to discuss the details of the plot while trying to recommend this to anybody that's not seen it is tough but it's a film that benefits from knowing as little as possible. All three central performances worked but it was really pleasing to see Steven Yeun in something that feels a little different.