Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★★★½

Jojo Betzler: What did they do?
Rosie: They did what they could.

Sometimes a film comes along at just the right time and you see it when you need it the most. Jojo Rabbit was that for me. It made me laugh at the right times and tugged my heartstrings and produced tears at the right moments too. This is how you balance a film!

Knowing the basic plot is more than enough going into this. How it unfolded was thrilling and the world needs to see more messages of anti-hate right now and it handles its politics here so well.

I was already a Taika Waititi fan and this is another success. The cast he's ensembled is perfect. So much of the film hangs on its youngest cast member, Roman Griffin Davis, and he's perfect. He has a great supporting cast around him, Scarlett Johansson is so lovely but Sam Rockwell stole the show for me. Is he ever not great? Pleasing to see Thomasin McKenzie too after how incredible she was in Leave No Trace.

Taika has a lovely knack of giving himself great supporting roles that always seem to end up with the best lines right? Genius!

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