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Favorites are my top 4 films of the previous year.

Favorite films

  • The Worst Person in the World
  • Licorice Pizza
  • Dune
  • The Killing of Two Lovers

Recent activity

  • Nandor Fodor and the Talking Mongoose


  • The Good Mother


  • Never Give Up


  • Vacation Friends 2

Pinned reviews

  • Profile




    Profile is a compelling film at times. The tension is solid and the constant shifting of the main character was interesting. But unfortunately, the plot is pretty predictable. Not to mention how cluttered the film can get. Sometimes a little too much is happening at once. Searching, for example, is patient and takes its story one step at a time. This shows several subplots all at once without truly fleshing them out. The stuff with Amy’s boyfriend was pretty…

Recent reviews

  • White Men Can't Jump

    White Men Can't Jump



    Tediously boring and more often than not obnoxious. Jack Harlow especially. What’s even worse is that basketball sequences are dull as hell. If at least those had been exciting, I could’ve given it more credit. But it doesn’t get past the fact that this isn’t very funny either.

  • Golda




    A master class in making riveting historical events utterly boring. The character development was lacking and the dialogue was so bland. Mirren does a good job as always and the cinematography is actually pretty strong and puts us visually in Golda’s head, but nothing else aids in the films themes of guilt. It’s mostly a standard drama that I’ll forget ever existed.

Popular reviews

  • Through My Window

    Through My Window


    Hands down one of the creepiest non-horror movies I’ve ever seen.

  • Just Short of Perfect

    Just Short of Perfect


    If my wedding is ever interrupted by someone else’s love story, they about to catch these hands.