2046 ★★★★

It is always fun to see the connections between this and the two former in the trilogy, In the Mood for Love and Days of Being Wild. It certainly increased the experience for me. This one was for me a bit harder to follow, but like in all of Kar-Wai's films, it is mostly the characters and their motivations that matter.

Christopher Doyle left in the middle of the projects due to numerous delays from Kar-Wai, but I never noticed that he only shot one third of it. The new guys did a good job, and it is yet again a visual feast like always. Not only visually, but the soundtrack is also incredibly good, again from Umebayashi, who also made the score for In the Mood for Love. Wong Kar-Wai is arguably one of the best directors ever for me, but he is especially good in creating mood for his story.

In 2046, Mr. Chow from In the Mood for Love has become a ladies man, something totally different from the hopeless romantic he was in the latter. But as the film continues, you learn that he hasn't and will never forget his moments in Hong Kong with Mrs. Chan. He is willing to borrow ladies for pleasure, but he will never give his heart away to anyone ever again.

It is a great ending to one of the best trilogy I've ever seen. It may be a loose trilogy, but there were way more connections than I expected. Not only this, but the whole trilogy deserves a rewatch, and I'm sure they're going to get it. Wong Kar-Wai's films gets only better and better, and this might become my favourite trilogy ever. The films are hard to digest, but with more visits I'm sure I'm going to appreciate their complexity more.

And can somebody please release this on blu ray?

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