Out 1

Out 1 ★★★★★

ah yes, out 1. famous for it’s insane runtime. i remember months ago when i thought satantango’s runtime was insane and the wildest i’d ever seen. compared to this, satantango’s runtime is absolutely nothing. i remember the first time i ever heard about this film. ”this is ridiculous“ ”god this seems pretentious” ”how on earth do people actually enjoy this?”. thoughts like that was my immediate reaction to one film having the insane runtime of 13 hours. 13 fucking hours. just like with satantango i refused to believe that such a long film would never be boring. how can you just casually watch a 13 hour long film and never once say ”this is getting a little boring” or ”i’m having trouble staying focused”.

after satantango i was way more open minded towards long movies and movies with a 5 hour runtime was no longer a problem but 13 hours is pure insanity. it’s almost double the length of the absolute monster that is satantango. sorry for comparing this a lot to satantango, it’s nothing like it but it’s hard not to compare them as they are the longest films i have ever seen with almost surreal runtimes. anyways, it intrigued me. a 13 hour epic was more than interesting to me. 

if i’m being honest i never thought i’d watch it as it seemed like a daunting task but i later found out that most watch it like a show wich made me so relieved. that meant that i would actually be able to watch it lmao. i got a vpn and free trial for mubi and then i decided that friday would be the day i started. i split the entire experience into 4 episodes across friday, saturday and today (sunday). the beginning was almost bizarre with the rehearsal scenes that was out of this world.

the introduction to the characters was handled perfectly. Rivette’s increidble attention to detail and perfect directing made it enteresting throughout all four episodes. to see the process and look deeper into the character’s made it riveting and made it so interesting to see it all come together. this also has some phenomenal acting, specifically from Jean Pierre Leaud who plays Colin in what is, in my opinion his best performance. he’s a legend from the french new wave but this takes the cake for me. talk about an experience! sorry for the god awful review i just wanted all my fresh thoughts out there. if you ever have 13 hours where you have nothing to do, i recommend Rivette’s 13 hour epic Out 1. this is something that i’ll never forget.

before i finish off i’d like to say that this might be my favourite movie. this one has something special about it. it truly captivates you from the second it starts and you just sit there in awe at the fact that this thing even excists. i’ve fallen into the trap before of thinking something is my favourite movie but then a week later i realize that it isn’t so i’ll need some time to think about it before i decide wether or not it is my favourite. either way it’s still an experience that i’ll never forget that for now goes somewhere in my top 10. loved this! :)

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