Eternals ★★★½

Grade: 👍🏻

“The end of one life Sersi, is the beginning of another”

The Eternals is a film I didn’t know what to expect from. I saw this a while after it released in theaters on Disney Plus. I kinda wished I would’ve seen it in theaters because this is a epic movie that has some really cool visuals. It did look really good on Disney Plus though. I love they’re new Imax enhanced feature for they’re movies. Besides the movie looking good I also really enjoyed the action. I know i’m probably on an island with that but the action was way more fun than I expected. The movie also feels like an epic adventure film and I loved that. It spans over millions of years and I thought it worked great for the most part.

My biggest negative is how the story is structured. I really wish it didn’t jump around so much. I would’ve rather them start at the beginning then start at present time and do a million flashbacks. I can’t say I hated it but it was hard to follow along at times. They also killed off my favorite characters and left most of the ones I didn’t care for which is not going to help when this team joins the Avengers or other superheroes. Besides that I actually enjoyed this movie a lot. I really liked the villain and the twists. I thought the 3rd act worked really well and I liked the characters. I know i’m in the minority on this one but I appreciate the new approach to an MCU film.

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