Annette ★★½

I’m very torn on this one. There’s so much to appreciate here. The direction is fantastic. While this is only my second Leos Carax movie, I can already see that he is a director with a super unique style. I absolutely love what he was able to bring to this film, however I was also a bit mixed on Holy Motors while watching it but it really grew on me by the end which I can’t exactly say for Annette but I can imagine I’d like this more on a rewatch. It just seems like so much passion and creativity went into this from everyone involved and I absolutely love that about it. The music by the Sparks is pretty great and is probably my favorite part of this movie. Also it’s really perfect how the release of this film coincided with the release of the Sparks Brothers documentary. The operatic sung dialogue reminded me of The Umbrellas of Cherbourg however it didn’t always work for me in this. It kinda made it difficult for me to connect with what the characters were saying at points. The leads were all pretty great but a lot of the acting for background characters and some random characters in the movie was kinda bad. The Sparks also wrote the screenplay for this which I was really surprised to discover. This is the first Leos Carax movie that I know of that he didn’t also write the script for. I’m honestly not sure what to make of this story. It’s just so bizarre and interpretable that I don’t feel like I can really make up my mind on how I feel about it without watching this a second time. That being said, the story felt like a bit of a mess and I just couldn’t connect with these characters. I got a bit annoyed at just how messy and disjointed the story feels. Also the sheer ridiculousness of this movie really clashed with the more serious moments. The humor didn’t always work for me however I found myself laughing at just how insane this movie is. Also it’s very well shot. I really love the look of this and there’s some very technically impressive stuff here. Adam Driver absolutely kills it.


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