Suspiria ★★★

I really wanted to like this in the same way I do the original, but this just isn't it. I massively respect it for not being a straight remake though, instead choosing to tell a different story with the same pieces.

It has many of the same problems as A Cure For Wellness: fantastic tone, good cinematography (the colours are washed out but in a way that looks nice), but throws it all away for an ending so incongruous and over-the-top any and all tension is gone. I found myself wondering if this was meant to be funny - not good for a horror film climax!

It's not particularly scary in all honesty. The original is one of the scariest films I have ever seen, but this only gets to strange. There's a few moments of body horror that work SO WELL, but the length of the film means that those moments are too few and far between to fuel the tension. Strange is a fine tone to go for, but the climax isn't the great release that is needed. I'm left a little more confused than relieved.

Thom Yorke's score delivers, and the song Suspirium is great.

Overall, the first 2/3 are quite good, but the bad ending and length let it down.

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