Naked ★★★★

“Your ever see a dead body?
Only me own.”

An incredibly witty and smart film. The writing is spectacular, and never ceased to be one of Naked’s greatest aspects throughout the entire run. Some of the “we’re just a spec of dust” monologues could run on a bit long, but they serve their purpose in making up Johnny’s character, and developing that snarky asshole attitude of his. I saw the film as Johnny visiting multiple people that could be seen as lonely, and in doing this, he hides his own insecurities by bringing out the worst in others.

However, a big problem I found with the film was how confusing some bits of it were. Sebastian Hawke’s character is quite awful, and I don’t think I really see the point of him being in the film. I did watch this extremely late at night, so some details may have been lost on me, but for this viewing, he just comes off as unnecessary.

Naked is such a strange film. It’s fucked up, hopeless, and yet hopeful and oddly romantic at the same time. The characters (except for Sebastian) are all written well, and all clash together wonderfully. I’m not exactly sure how to feel about it, but it’s an incredible film nonetheless. Strong 7 to a light 8!

“Do you like fucking?
Do you like wanking?
Not on my own, no.”

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