Old ★★★

“You have such a pretty voice, I can’t wait to hear it when you’re older!”

This is one of the first lines of dialogue uttered in Old, and it was just so painfully on the nose that I started dying with laughter. The script is the best and worst part, being laughably terrible during most moments more than anything. They over explain almost every facet of the film’s world and I honestly wouldn’t want it any other way just from how much fun I had giggling at how inhuman some of this dialogue was. “So bad it’s good” I guess if you had to label it, I just had a good time.

M. Night Shyamalan is a director I don’t necessarily hate, but I don’t think his output garners the discussion or praise it’s raised over the last couple decades. I will say, I do like his more recent efforts more than anything, if for nothing else, a good laugh. It’s not like a story like this could have much to say (other than live life like it’s your last day everyday? But maybe I’m reading too much into it) or do past “everyone gets old and dies :( “ but for what it’s worth, Old is extremely watchable. And I’m glad the classic “Shyamalan Twist” wasn’t that hard to pick up on either; such a dumb gimmick to have to stick with as a director I must imagine. 

It’s not even all that bad to be fair. The cinematography is genuinely fantastic, the sound mixing and design is really great (saw this in IMAX on accident and it was solid!) and the visual effects were great! Without spoiling anything, there’s several concepts where I was like “They wouldn’t go there, would they?” and when they did, I’d honestly laugh at how my absurd ideas were coming to life on screen. I almost think a comedy with this premise would have worked better, and I’d genuinely want to see a parody film made out of this if at all possible in today’s film climate. 

Basically, I think Old is Midsommar for the boomer crowd. And I wouldn’t take that as an insult persay; i’d much rather rewatch this than Midsommar, and I’m rating it higher than it too. It has some gross moments, and there’s definitely plot holes, but it’s easily overlooked. Strong 6!

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