Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart ★★½

Has some interesting filmmaking techniques (some I’ll mention later) and an interesting aesthetic, but ultimately is a mess. From the tone shifts to its “Lynchisms”, it’s a messy time. It’s supposed to be like that, which is fine, but this movie is absolutely for psychos. That’s cool and all, but not for me.

I will say, something I noticed about Lynch in this film  is that he does great driving scenes. Mostly by how he’ll film them. They’re decently engaging, and arguably the best parts of the film, which I suppose is good since the movie is  a road trip film in its simplest description.

I liked a few things here and there, but I really didn’t connect with this one. Again, the psychotic editing and directing really threw me off for the worst, and just wasn’t for me. Plus seeing Nicholas Cage fuck that many times is something I really didn’t need to see. I will say though, I liked the ending a good bit for what it was! Probably the first Lynch conclusion I’ve liked so far.

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