Eternals ★★★★

I had trouble connecting with this for the first 20-30 minutes, but once I did I enjoyed myself quite a bit, even though I had already figured out one of the big twists by then and there was still over two hours to go. It’s a movie that throws you right into the action instead of easing you into a rather far-fetched premise. The opening scenes feel awkward because there’s characters who have known each other for centuries and the movie acts like the audience has also known them for that long. This is the first Marvel movie since GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY that I knew absolutely nothing about when it was first announced and I’m a life-long comic book fan, but I needed this spoon-fed to me. I didn’t feel it was “dense” or “dull” like I’ve seen a number of reviews say. I would have introduced the Eternals with one long prologue instead of the constant flashing back and forth in time, but I’m not Academy Award Winning director Chloé Zhao. I think she made an epically beautiful film in terms of overall themes and visuals.

I like when movies are super comic booky, when they take a very earnest approach like this or poke fun at it the whole time like THOR: RAGNAROK, I’m easy to please in that regard, so I would call this a success. I feel like everyone was perfectly cast, but Kumail Najiani is by far the standout of this film. Lauren Ridloff and Brian Tyree Henry were great and charismatic bringing the MCU’s first deaf and gay superheroes to life. Richard Madden and his perfect jawline gave wonderful performances as well and I definitely walked out wanting to see more Kit Harrington. Not a new MCU favorite for me, but one of Marvel’s most ambitious, thought provoking, and visually excellent films to date. 8.6/10.

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