Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker ★★½

People are prone to extreme reactions and wild emotions when it comes to this franchise. I wish I could say the same. Something that requires billions of dollars to get a “meh” result upon viewing bothers me on a gut level. 

The story concludes in ramshackle fashion, Emperor Palpatine suddenly showing up and surprise he was the villain the whole time I guess. To go much further than that is to dare the spoiler lynch mobs. I’m not all that bothered by the contrivance; this is something that we should all expect by this point. Drearily going through the motions. 

Look, it’s still big spaceships racing around and people fighting with laser swords, which is always going to be entertaining on a superliminal level. That’s fine. How safe these new films have been played, and thus last one in particular, ensures that this never really rises above pablum. While this is full of contrivances, there are no surprises and this goes just about exactly as you’d expect this to go. 

Keri Russell joins Gwendoline Christie in the “why did you cast this person and include this character” club, Disney apparently now inhabiting a throne atop the skulls of a thousand casting directors and laughing down at us like some sort of cartoon Xerxes. And yet they still couldn’t nail the most important part, as Daisy Ridley continues to have almost no presence while she’s on screen. 

When Scorsese made his comments about Marvel movies, they might have been better suited for Star Wars. Now that would have been a hilarious internet meltdown.

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