Suspiria ★★★★

many things have changed since i had seen guadagnino's suspiria for the first time years ago — myself included —, so by revisiting it this time, i allowed myself to watch it open-minded as an attempt to give myself over to the dance and embrace its horror. i might still have some issues with it, but having in mind that this was something made with effort, passion and respect, those are things i can live with. seeing it now, i'd say suspiria is nothing but a beautiful celebration and thought-provoking meditation of womanhood, the art of dance and perfect balance. and don't be a fool, this is not a remake. if anything, it's a re-imagination; a homage to the classic. argento's suspiria is one of my favorite horror films and i absolutely love the vibrant, colorful nightmare that it is, but guadagnino's version is something completely different and that's exactly what it wants to be: it wants to take the shape of something brand new. its difference and greatest triumph is in its complexity and how it values substance over style, and i might have not fallen under its spell for the first time... but i think i have now.

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