Bodies Bodies Bodies

Bodies Bodies Bodies ★★★★½

I wish the they chopped off your head instead you spineless piece of shit.

Explaining Bodies Bodies Bodies to someone is almost impossible and probably would sound like a person was joking or trolling but that's really in essence what this movie is - a mean, vulgar, violent, and stylish satire that trolls and edges its viewer til the very end. From the Charli XCX opening credits to an Azealia Banks' '212' dance/party sequence to Rachel Sennott's many monologues throughout the film, Bodies Bodies Bodies is a completely bonkers riot of horror cinema. It's dark it's nasty and it doesn't discriminate, anyone at any second could meet their cruel gruesome demise and goodness do these characters meet brutal ends. I won't go into that deeper to avoid spoilers but the quote about defense mechanisms uttered by Greg* makes all the more sense in the end of the film. I've seen a lot of reviews say that these characters are really unlikable and seeing them die was great but I actually felt bad and I found them hilarious, especially Alice. The movie is incredibly acted by practically every cast member, each shot so well choreographed and tightly wound it easily translates claustrophobia and terror, and the overarching satire on this generations obsession with sex, violence, drugs, fame, wealth, and social media is at times too on the nose but sticks it's landing. Overall I had a blast with this movie and I can see it gaining a cult following and being considered a horror comedy classic, especially as a great addition to queer and women centered horror. Imagine Spring Breakers meets Thoroughbreds meets Scream - that's the best way I can describe Bodies Bodies Bodies. Equal parts horrific and darkly comedic; Bodies Bodies Bodies is a brutal, splashy, hilarious, and intriguing biopsy of the social media age.

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