Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★★

Honestly? This was simply astonishing. It goes into territory you've never seen the previous Star Wars films go in. The direction and script behind the film are simply exquisite. The Last Jedi balances humor, darkness, and hope all at once. Reaching points of unprecedented dread but also reaching points of endearing hope (like Rogue One). The cinematography here is up there with Rogue One - not as good as it, but it's pretty damn close. The visual effects are simply stellar and I loved the elements Rian Johnson brought to this film. The most shocking thing of all? The cast actually kills it this time. Literally some scenes were so powerful. I'm trying to avoid any spoilers but that one scene (if you've seen it you know it) was simply breathtaking. All around this is a masterful entry into the Star Wars universe and the proper successor to The Force Awakens. 8/10 from me
P.S. Porgs are the cutest thing ever

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