Us ★★★★½

There is absolutely nothing that can prepare a single soul for what they will witness in Jordan Peele's second film; Us. As anyone should expect, the film has twists and in true Jordan Peele fashion it goes in directions you wouldn't anticipate. Us is full throttle horror with many lighthearted moments in its comedic scenes and familial narrative but for most of its runtime Peele's completely fucked up movie is debilitating and incredibly terrifying. Us is another film grounded in the philosophy of man's inevitable self destruction (e.g. Annihilation) and Peele seeks to explore our deepest fears and our worst nightmares, offering a new vision that feels like those scary stories you'd tell your friends during a sleepover when you should be sleeping. Jordan Peele masterfully crafts a world with intriguing mythos and political resonance foreshadowing that maybe we have been the enemy all along. The direction is seamlessly magnificent, music is spellbinding, framing and editing are meticulous, imagery is wet your bed horrifying, and the cast is "scream in your face" astonishing. The entire cast is knockout (Elizabeth Moss is thunderous and the children are truly fantastic) but Lupita Nyong'o is genuinely otherworldly in what has to be one of the best performances I have ever seen in a horror film. Us is ridiculous, completely insane, bonkers, and batshit crazy - Jordan Peele creates a masterclass in horror filmmaking in his bold and violently poetic apocalyptic nightmare that is a definite game changer and a soon-to-be horror classic.

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