American Woman ★★★★

People expecting this to be solely a story about finding her missing daughter might be a little disappointed. That’s the only reason I’m in favor of the horrible generic title; because it’s really a portrait of a woman and the hurdles she overcomes. This is embarrassing but there was a moment late in the movie where I legit teared up thinking about how fucking proud I was of Deb (Sienna Miller). As the older woman sitting behind me quietly whispered to her husband at one point: “Jesus this woman’s been through so much” and to see her pick her feisty head up and carry on was inspiring. 

It’s a credit to Miller’s performance that this character retains our sympathy even while making some bad or confusing choices. She’s a slightly lost soul who, by the end, becomes a little more found. The sense of change in her character is palpable in the final scenes, and I was so genuinely happy for her. I hope I hope I hope that Miller will finally get the recognition she deserves as an actress after this. She really is wonderful.

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