Parasite ★★★★½

Well fuck I guess I'm in the #bonghive now.
Drinkin' that ~Bong Water~ if you will.

Because this is one of those impeccably crafted works of art that I wish we saw more often in cinema. One of those films that goes on its own journey and dares you to follow it down its dark endless corridors. And Bong Joon-ho creates an atmosphere so unique and genre-defying that you're constantly on edge because you just know that if you let your guard down he's gonna hit you over the head with a big twist. Or introduce a new element you weren't expecting.

And while it could be comfortably classified in any genre, I'll just say that there's one brief shot in this that was so understated (devoid of music cue and everything) but so fucking chilling it made my blood run cold.

Cinema is alive and well folks, and it belongs to Bong Joon-ho.

(special thank you to D.A., you da best 🖤)

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