Us ★★★½

Us is the work of a fully engaged filmmaker - melding comedy and effective shivery dread with real skill. But, and this was not a problem with Get Out, it is a film where the central point was just a little ineffective for me. The idea of dopplegangers living below the surface of the earth just didn't quite work, at least whilst you're actually watching the film.

Afterwards, with time to think about the arms across America scene and the idea of subjugation and second lass citizenship, the ideas on colonialism and race and the capitalist system, you can see all the targets that Peele is going after. But whilst watching the film, despite some inordinate explanation, it didn't hit with the force it might.

As a piece of genre entertainment, though, it was very effective - Peele is very cine-literate. The jabs at the middle classes are funny and the moments of horror are very effective. It looks great. I like horror as entertainment, with laughs. Peele gives us that and it will always make his films worth seeking out.

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