Gone Girl

Gone Girl ★★★★★

Another movie where I remember loving it but the first watch was long enough ago that this was an absolutely thrilling rewatch. 

Amy reminded me of that Panic! at the Disco song called “Crazy = Genius.” 

The interceding flashbacks worked so great in this, talk about beautiful editing. 

The monster performance from Rosamund Pine drove this home/took it across the finish line for sure. But Nora Dunne was also low key great in this. 

Another absolutely masterful thriller in Fincher’s catalog. This, Zodiac, and Seven put so many other crime movies to shame it’s not even funny.

Fincher, Ranked
Rewatch solidifies its spot at #2 so far but I wouldn’t say it’s miles behind Zodiac at #1

This movie is so thrilling and so rewatchable and so well done by all involved it’s going to my All-Time Favorites.

Movies Watched in 2020, Ranked
Second Fincher to land in the top 15!

My not so great review from my first watch almost 1.5 years ago: boxd.it/L2Mzv

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