Se7en ★★★★★

Hot damn. This is one of the few movies that not only met but also exceeded all the expectations I had going into it from all the hype it gets. 

One of the many ways you know a movie did it’s job: that ending for this p**sed me off to kingdom come and back. 

Random notes:
Pretty much my only complaint is that this movie was lit so dark. Like I was sitting in a dark room and still squinting at the tv. 
Freeman cackling about the subway at the dinner table made me crack up too. 
This movie made me feel so uncultured, I haven't ready any of the books that inspired the killer lol 

Another Fincher where I don’t have enough to say that’ll do this justice: this is a super intense masterfully done crime thriller that honestly puts a lot of other crime movies that have come after it to shame.

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One of the reasons I’m adding this to my All-Time Favorites other than how well this is done is that I can envision enjoying this just as much on rewatch.

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