Tenet ★★★★★

Don’t try to understand it, feel it.” 

As cliche as it sounds, I found that was the best way to maximize enjoyment of this movie. I didn’t understand anything but I sat back & enjoyed the thrill ride anyway. 

I totally get the complaints about this movie & this might be Nolan’s most flawed work but for me the sheer ambition & scale of the movie overrule a lot of that. 
I will say one of my biggest complaints was the pacing in the first half. Everything felt rushed. Conversations felt rushed, like people were trying to talk fast. Overall scenes felt rushed. Like the movie was trying to rush to the end almost. I don’t know if that resolved itself in the second half or I just got used to it but I definitely stopped noticing it. 

I need Ludwig Goransson’s score injected into my veins every day. That score was one of my favorite parts of the movie. 

Last December where I’m at if you saw the new Star Wars in IMAX they showed a full 5 minute clip from Tenet & it turned out to be the first 5 minutes. That first 5 minutes hooked me now as much as it did back then. That was quite an opening. 

I’ll admit I was confused for most of this movie, much more so than when I saw Inception. I didn’t have a clue as to what “reality” they were in most of the last hour. But I tried my best to not get too bogged down in that (I’ll save that for rewatch) & just go along for the ride. 

Elizabeth Debicki was fricken amazing in this. She really brought her A+ game for this one. Probably my favorite performance in this. 

I’m conflicted about Kenneth Branagh as the antagonist. He wasn’t terrible by any means but it also felt like he left something on the table/left something to be desired. 

I’ll admit that going into this I had concerns about John David Washington as the lead in a movie this big, despite loving his performance in Blackklansman (& Ballers lol) but he was great. Slightly similar to how I felt about Branagh but still great. Pattinson was phenomenal as well, especially as his role grew as the movie went on. 

I know a lot of people have issues with how loud this movie is. That wasn’t my experience but many would say I’m partially deaf so that may just be me. 
I definitely could’ve used subtitles though. There was a lot of dialogue I couldn’t make out. But I also never felt like I missed anything crucial. 

I didn’t feel the runtime at all in this either (I never do in Nolan movies). I could’ve spent at least another hour in this movie. 

Looking back having seen the movie now, it’s crazy how the trailer is edited & cut. That’s all I’ll say on that one for now. 

I went 10 years before rewatching Inception after seeing it for the first time back when it first came out. This movie isn’t that by any means but I still hope to rewatch this much sooner than 10 years from now.

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