The Worst Person in the World

The Worst Person in the World ★★★★½

Sundance Watch #1

First official Sundance movie of the week (& ever for me)! I’ve been really excited for this movie since seeing all the really high ratings for this crop up here & elsewhere. And this did not disappoint. 

I didn’t realize this was the end of a trilogy so now I want to see the first two. Really love the use of chapters & chapter titles in movies, especially this one. 

The way Trier captures & displays the constant waves of emotions that someone in their 20s like Julie goes through over time & the way Reinsve’s performance carries those themes across the finish line with such sweeping ease is quite a feat. One line I thought came close to summing this up was when one of Aksel’s friends was telling Julie about the pressures of being young & how different they are now compared to when she & her husband were young. Overall, one of those emotional gut-punch movies that’s so well done. I wish I had more eloquent things to say about this because it does such an amazing job of hitting the nail on the head. 

Also, Aksel has great taste in movies: Lynch, The Godfather: Part II & Dog Day Afternoon. Not bad favorites at all (though I personally have yet to see any of Lynch’s work).

Add this to the growing list of movies that I feel like I’ll gain an even deeper appreciation for on a rewatch. 

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