Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok ★★★★½

Damn so it turns out everyone was right about how good this one was. 

Having seen this now retrospectively makes Love & Thunder a much more frustrating experience/left a ton more to be desired. I probably would’ve rated that less had I seen this before. My biggest gripe is the handling of the villain. Cate Blanchett was an awesome (albeit random) MCU villain & as such got a decent amount of screentime. Christian Bale was too yet felt like he barely got any runtime. The other major issue is that Ragnarok is just exponentially funnier. Which works out great if what’s what your style depends on. But when the jokes miss like in Love & Thunder then the product suffers. 

Back to this movie though. I’m so glad I’ve seen this now not only because of how fun of a movie this is, but it also makes a lot of the MCU content that comes after make ssssoooo much more sense lol. What a ridiculously talented cast across the board too. This movie hits every comedic beat, has some nice action pieces, has you cheering for the protagonists in the final act, and in terms of superhero movies is just well done all the way around. MCU doesn’t make them like this anymore.

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