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  • John Wick

    John Wick


    Keanu Reeves?? Neon lights??? A DOG???? that’s a hell yeah from me

  • Aladdin



    1. I thought it was a really fun movie!! 
    2. Costume and production design? Lit
    3. Why was some of the running randomly sped up like it was at 2x speed or something? It was really weird 
    4. I heard the genie had an eight pack... that the genie is shredded
    5. But really, I actually really enjoyed Will Smith as the genie! It was very different than Robin Williams but I’m glad he didn’t try to play him in…

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  • Stranger Than Fiction

    Stranger Than Fiction


    scavenger hunt 50 | task 14

    yooo what a cool concept! This was so sweet and funny and moving. I cannot belIEVE that I just enjoyed a Will Ferrell movie - he usually annoys me so much. But this was so great!!

  • A Fantastic Woman

    A Fantastic Woman


    scavenger hunt 50 | task 13. queer film challenge 19/40

    1. Do cis people deserve rights? Let’s discuss. 

    2. I wanted happier moments for Marina. She went through sooo much bad shit in this movie that I wanted to feel just a little happier by the end. (The credits were awesome tho)

    3. Daniela Vega HOOOO BOY get her more roles she was amazing and I’m in love 

    4. THE DANCE SCENE I loved it 

    5. This shit hurted but damn it was really good