Castle in the Sky ★★★★★

There’s something in the magic of Miyazaki’s films that captures the feeling of childhood imagination. One of the biggest things that impresses me about him as a storyteller is that he is able to replicate those feelings even as an adult, when life begins to lose its shine.

It reminds me of that feeling when you’re young and the world can still shift around you when you want to play. The floor isn’t carpet anymore - you really do see lava. When you and your brother jump off of the picnic table and pretend to fly - you really feel like you’re soaring through the air.

The adventure of Castle in the Sky is fun, dramatic, and heartfelt. It’s a story full of warm, complex characters and a deeply rich world. It’s a world that I can see myself falling back into over and over again just to discover new things. I’m grateful to this film because it lets me feel that kind of magic again.

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