Pain & Gain

Pain & Gain ★★★½

Film Club #47

I like to imagine that one day Michael Bay woke up, still exhausted from his week of counting money and objectifying women, and while reading the news, stumbled upon this story. He probably thought to himself, wow this story is insane, but he probably never doubted its validity. Because he is and caters to exactly the kind of men in this movie. Those racist, homophobic men who feel as though women owe them something. Who feel as though the world owes them something.

I’m sure he knows the kind of person he is and he knows that it’s wrong and he knows that the society we’ve created for ourselves allows this to happen with no consequences. And he is aware of his part in this and he is disgusted and full of hate but he is not sorry.

I almost feel bad for him after watching this. (almost). I can’t imagine hating myself and everything around me this much.

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