Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★

I really don’t know how to feel about this movie. I think I actually did enjoy it overall - I like the way the film was made and looks, I love the acting, the tone was more of a dark humor than I was expecting. 

But by the end, I just felt really hollow and empty about it. A lot of its messaging were important but not really new insights. I don’t think this was groundbreaking for what it had to say about rape culture. But I do think it had a lot of empathy for both Cassie and Nina at times but it faltered in a lot of moments. It felt too flippant with the topic of sexual assault without offering much hope after trauma and that didn’t sit right with me a lot of times. 

And then... the ending. The ending kind of nearly ruined the film for me. I don’t like the way their story ended and nothing about the ending made me feel cathartic, which is something you would want from a revenge tale. 

Still conflicted because I think overall what this movie is trying to do is good and honestly a lot people still need to hear surface level lectures about rape culture. I don’t think this movie is for victims of sexual assault. I think it’s for all of the people who ignore, mock, or shame victims to learn and really see what they’re doing. But will this film be effective for them? Would they even watch this? I really don’t know.

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