Synecdoche, New York

Synecdoche, New York ★★★★½

so lately ive been feeling a lot of anxiety about life and something that i've realized since becoming an "adult" is that life feels like you're just hurtling through the air directionless and lost and every choice or nonchoice that you make alters the course you're aimlessly flying in forever.

and it feels like years are just blinks now and nothing changes ever but also everything changes all the time. and I get so depressed and I lay in my bed for hours or days and I do nothing and I feel nothing and I just let my life happen around me. I have to remind myself to breathe and talk and live or else I’ll just lay there until I fade to nothing. 

Charlie Kaufman, homie I get it. I get that life can feel like a bleak and empty place to exist for a while until you die. But I think it can be more for me and more for anyone. I surround myself with beautiful people worth caring about and it keeps me alive. I don't think that life is as empty as this movie makes it feel if you just give parts of yourself to people you love and let them love you back.

this is a really really good film and I'm going to think about this a lot. films that can really truly show how someone is feeling are hard to do. it’s impossible for me to even describe properly all of the shit that I feel. so Kaufman making this is actually incredible. I really really appreciate that this film uses art to show life and life to show art.

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