The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★★★

Toxicity in the Christian church is something that’s always going to interest me because I grew up in it and it’s hard to not internalize a lot of issues because of that. I’ve actually always been jealous of people who have that kind of deep faith because I imagine that it’s a comforting feeling and it’s one that I’ll never have, no matter how many years I pretended to. 

I like this story for its characters and the way it all connects at the end. I think it’s a flawed story in many ways. It’s dripping in too much miser, it’s kind of messy, and at times feels a bit exploitative in the issues it is representing. It’s really a hateful, bleak film that left me with a heavy feeling in my heart. This normally isn’t the kind of story that I like. 
But something about this movie really gripped me anyway. I think it’s just the tragedy of fate combined with the bitterness of the church that touched me.

Any story that has multiple storylines come together smoothly will always impress me really. So, yeah mixed feelings on this one but overall I was impressed with what it accomplished.

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