Wild Strawberries

Wild Strawberries ★★★½

I have a lot of regrets. 

Ending that one friendship the way I did because I was angry. 

Failing that one class I took in college just purely because I was too lazy to go. 

Not standing up for myself when that one person was mean to me.

Leaving my sister’s wedding reception early because I was jealous that she had her life together when mine was so in flux. 

And I’m not old. Not yet. But I feel old. A lot. And that comes with a lot of contempt against people younger than me, even while acknowledging within myself that that is very dumb. I see people in stages of their lives that I remember fondly and it makes me jealous. I find myself feeling more and more nostalgic these days. I think that’s because I’m scared. I don’t want to be too old too fast and miss things. So even though I am much younger than this protagonist, I really related to him. I related to his annoyance of the youth and his envy and his fears of mortality. 

And this movie helped me. It helped me remember that I do have so much life left to live. And I’m not missing things, I’m living them. (I think the quarantine is getting to me just a bit). And I am far too young with far too much left to do to be scared of the end. 

And hopefully by the time I reach that point, I won’t be scared. And I won’t be looking back on my life thinking only of my regrets. I hope that I look back on my life and remember those I loved and those who loved me and all of the good times that we shared together.

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