Friday the 13th Part III

Friday the 13th Part III ★★★★½

Finally got to see it in active RealD cinema on a 135 inch screen and it was fantastic! It's the best way to see this as the strings on some of the eye-popping effects aren't as visible as when you watch it in regular 2D. As a matter of fact, some of the kills completely loose their impact without the extra gimmick.

Stripped from any chance for new mythology or expanding the storyline, this is a carnal horror ride at its most primal, once again delivered by director Steve Miner. Recap from part 2, Jason picks up his machete, BOOM cue disco Friday the 13th theme and roll amazing in your face 3D credits! Before we get to the meat of the slayings, there's first a random moment of two killings in a roadside market with a knitting needle so far thrusted in a head that it almost pokes the audience's eyes.

A new bunch of random friends are introduced who're going on a vacation in a lodge, we assume near camp Crystal Lake grounds. It's hard to believe that the older hippies are "friends" as they're so detached from the rest, but they're here to smoke dope and serve as cannon fodder. Once again, we have the prankster being so kind to deliver Jason's signature hockey mask for the first time. A fun (and funny) clash with a local biker gang is also a great highlight.

The kills are more brutal than part 2 with short bursts of creative kills, just long enough to linger in your head, making them more brutal in your imagination than you've really seen on screen. Still a shame that the cut footage though hasn't been made available yet. Especially the handstand murder sounds amazing in its first uncut incarnation!

Poles and sharp protruding weapons stick far out, even Jason's hands grab directly in front of you, that harpoon kill made me cheer and laugh like I was watching the film for the first time! The Crazy Ralph replacement guy warning the kids almost shoved that eyeball he's holding in your mouth.

Yes, I know it's just a cheap gimmick, but if more recent RealD films were this fun, it might not have died as quickly as it did. By converting 2D films merely to 3D as pop-up books, it wasn't worth paying the extra money for. Here the 3D pops out and goes even beyond that in key moments. That eyeball popping out now looked the way it should!

Jason now is a powerhouse, casually killing teens like he's working the night shift but he gets a serious ass whooping from the final girl played by Dana Kimmell. It makes you wonder if she isn't a bigger psychopath than Jason.

I'm only rewatching it in 3D from now on, subtract a whole star if you're only able to watch it in 2D.

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