Stone Cold

Stone Cold ★★★★½

Movie marathon 3/6: "Stone Cold (1991)"

"God forgives, The Brotherhood doesn't."

Basically the most agressive violent masculine testosterone-filled action film ever made. If you love eighties overstatements like "Cobra (1986)" but even more over the top with muscled bikers, copious amounts of nudity, some of the best blood squibs ever put to film and creative action setpieces, then this flick needs to be added to your action diet.

NFL player Brian Bosworth starred as Joe Huff/ John Stone going undercover in a nazi flag worshipping biker gang led by scenery eating main baddie Lance Henriksen. Well-acted, especially by such heavyweights like William Forsythe, it's directed by Stephen King mainstay Craig R. Baxley, almost feeling like a parody of eighties action flicks but never showing his hand if its all a joke or not. It's all played so straight that I strongly believe it's meant to be serious, which made everything all the better. No self-aware bullshit.

The typecasted biker (Robert Winley) from the opening of "Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991)" made an appearance as yet another biker, and he was also a biker in "Near Dark (1987)".
The film is said to be a ripoff of "Stone", a 1974 Australian action film which I've still yet to see. (soon to be released on Blu-ray by Severin/ 88 films).

This makes me want to rewatch another Craig R. Baxley directed action film starring Dolph Lundgren: "Dark Angel (1990) aka I Come in Peace".
They sadly don't make 'em like this anymore.

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