Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★★★

Its no surprise that this movie is genuinely funny. The idea of putting a natural comedian like Waititi in the role of Hitler as a bumbling imaginary friend is what originally intrigued me about this movie, and it matched my high hopes. The humor in the rest of the movie mostly lands and Waititi continues to show talent in casting and directing child actors. What is surprising is the emotional heaviness of parts of this movie. I haven't yet seen that side of Waititi and he managed to pull it off decently well with a few gut punches.

I do think this movie has its problems though. The movie often times switches very quickly between comedy and tragedy, sometimes going back and forth a few times in a single scene. Sometimes this worked extremely well, but other times it took the teeth out of both ends of the spectrum.

A very fun movie that had my whole theater cracking up. It might not be as transcendent as the hype-machine suggests, but still very worthwhile.

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