I sometimes get nervous when trying to write my reviews for Important Movies™, and Sátántangó is such a unique movie that it makes it even harder. There is a weight given to this movie by a lot of cinephiles which make it seem like viewing it is a milestone, while others lambast it as being pretentious garbage. All I know is my personal feelings, and with a movie as contemplative as Sátántangó I think that's the only thing that counts.

Going into the movie I though the daunting runtime was going to be the hardest part, but I found myself clicking into the rhythm of the film very quickly. The insanely slow pace affected me in many different ways from forcing me to analyze every inch of the screen to slowly driving me insane with anxiety inducing scenes ("There I was, plodding, plodding, and plodding along..."). There were very few times that I felt myself becoming frustrated with the length of the shots, and that in itself is a testament to the quality of this film.

I also absolutely loved the blend of hyper-realistic portrayals of a miserable life and a strange magical realism. This might come from the dialog or an entire bar going statue-still as the camera slowly moves (maybe my favorite shot), but for me this sense of unreality managed to turn what could be called misery-porn into something more allegorical and elusive.

I have a lot of thoughts about this movie. It seems everyone has a lot of thoughts about this movie. But what matters to me is I genuinely enjoyed the entire thing and found that it put me in a state-of-mind I don't think I've been in before. Very powerful stuff.

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