Carol ★★½

Contrary to popular opinion (and no, I'm not trying to be that guy), I wasn't as on board with this as I thought it would be.

Styling, cinematography and performance aside, the narrative was quite underwhelming. I can't even imagine the film being as compelling without Mara, and Blanchett, who, to me, individually turned in fine performances but lacked chemistry collectively, which didn't entirely shock me.

The stakes never felt high enough, and their love story didn't demand for them to be together in the end. I've loved Rooney for a long time and she had some fantastic moments in exercising the subtleties in her character, but still no where near the praise I'd give her for something like Side Effects, which I'm sure people would rebuttal by saying Emily was a lot "louder" of a role to play than Therese was.

Paulson was a great addition but I'd stop there. No one else was particularly memorable. I'm disappointed but not heartbroken as the film did end up being accurately represented by it's blandly stagnant trailer. A fine, solid piece of filmmaking. I'm beginning to realize my taste doesn't align with critical acclaim, which might prove to be a problem (in my professional career/outlook).

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