Captain Marvel ★★★

Captain Marvel is very much a mixed bag, on one hand it’s a lighthearted film with some cool characters, a pretty good score and fantastic CGI, but on the other hand it’s a slow film with a terrible first act, a shallow lead actress, unfunny gags/jokes and an overall lacklustre final act. 

For the first half hour of this film, I was so annoyed with what I was watching, it was terrible, it was 1 and half star territory. But when the second act started, I started to have such a great time watching the story unfold and the flaws started to go away. The film really flourishes in it’s second act. And while the third act isn’t as bad as the first and is a little fun, it will most likely go down as one of the most forgettable final acts in the MCU. 

One of the biggest problems I had with the film was the titular character herself, Captain Marvel (A.K.A Carol Danvers). While Larson did a decent job with what she is given. I struggled to connect to her and she seemed extremely moody and unrelatable. Maybe I’ll get used to Larson in the role later on. 

But one of the best things to come out of the film was the film’s villain ‘Talos’, played by Ben Mendelsohn. Talos is easily one of my favourite villain characters in the MCU and might be in my top 15 characters in the MCU. The trailers made him out to be very annoying and unlikeable, but he is very much the opposite of that. Ben Mendelsohn also does a great job in the role. 

In Conclusion, While at times Captain Marvel is visually and tonally bland, I overall did have a fun time watching it. I can’t wait to see Captain Marvel flourish as a character and hopefully she’ll come into her own in the future. I’m hopeful that the sequel will be much better. 

Btw, Thanos better start running because Captain Marvel is coming to beat his ass.