Your Name. ★★★★★

It's been a while since I watched a feature-length film in Japanese with no subtitles so I was a little nervous wondering how much of Kimi no na wa I would be able to understand. I figured that even if I got confused, I could appreciate the animation, about which I've heard so many good things. Much to my relief I found the story easy to follow-- and the art was gorgeous, as promised. I was strong & did not cry although it was a near thing. I've heard it may be a while before the movie is available to English-speaking audiences/audiences outside Japan but I hope that whenever you do have a chance to see it, you take it, because I really, really loved it and strongly recommend it to anyone who enjoys emotions and/or pretty pictures. I would see it again, subtitles or no (although I definitely missed some of the finer details, so I am eagerly awaiting a subtitled version for sure).