The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★★

I didn't give it as high as I could have and I'm still mulling over my feelings with how it was executed. But it was definitely something, I'll give it that.

The Devil All The Time is a religious and brutal movie that portrays the dangers of both men and men's beliefs. We see how male characters, with exception to a choice few, are creatures of sin - each exhibiting at least one of the deadly sins through their existence. Reverend Teagardin with his lust and his pride, Arvin Russel's anger, Bodecker and Laferty's greed, Carl Henderson's envy. Yes, even dear old Uncle Earskell who stays up late drinking and playing cards, not even bothering to attend the sunday service.

The women aren't completely absolved of sin. Sandy Henderson and Lenora also partook of acts that are sinful in nature. However, most of the women seem to be victims of the men - thrown around and influenced by their whims and their needs until they themselves are no different from them in deed.

Growing up in a religious environment, I see more subtle versions of the characters in the people around me. It's so easy to wield the words of God to justify actions that clearly contradict what the Bible says just so one can push their agenda. It angers me that people think that this is okay and that it's forgivable at times, as long as the end justifies the means. It also scared me a little bit, to see that each terrible action seems to have damning repercussions that pass from person to person, father to son. The cycle of cruelty, passed on inadvertently without either person knowing, like an age-old curse.

Rob Pattinson, Tom Holland, Sebastian Stan playing roles that try to show more of their acting skill not defined by Marvel's family friendly persona. Personally, I find it refreshing to see Tom Holland flex his acting chops in roles that differs from his usual fare. And he did it with such skill that every time he's on screen, he somehow just draws your attention to him with every breath and pent-up quiver.

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