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  • Dumbo



    Disney, did you just hire three writers to write the exact same plot as Free Willy?

    Also did they make Disney the bad guy in a Disney movie?

    Also does Burton tell every girl child actor to look like they’re scared at everything while they say their lines?

    This felt like a ride, and not a good one. All the characters are thinly written and are so robotic in their performances (not DeVito ❤️) it’s like Disney had to check…

  • Midsommar



    - What a very loose adaptation of Getting Over Grief for Dummies
    - The last third is SUPER try-hard, shock, visual story telling, but I can let that go when it’s genuinely good visuals and shock. 

    - Oh I also recommend watching this super tired cause you’re gonna trip so hard dude.

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  • The Suite Life Movie

    The Suite Life Movie


    I assume this is good

  • Sing Street

    Sing Street


    Holy. Fuckin. Shit.

    What the hell? I honestly cannot find one flaw.

    Not just my favorite of 2016, probably one of my favorite films period.