+30, Spanish, fangirl, RDJ fanatic. I enjoy almost every genre, from Die Hard to Wong Kar Wai movies. I cry a lot.

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  • Channel Zero: Candle Cove

    Channel Zero: Candle Cove


    The short story is great, but not really material for a six episode adaptation.
    The series has some good ideas and creepy moments, and the story is more or less interesting although some things should've been more fleshed out (like the teacher). Too bad the Candle Cove aspect ends up being less integral than it should've been, and Paul Schneider as the main character is very one note. Not even Fiona Shaw has the opportunity to shine.
    Not bad, just uneven and with a lot of potential that is never reached.

  • Come to Daddy

    Come to Daddy


    A fun thriller/horror about a hipster who goes to visit his strange dad, who he has't seen since he was five. Wood is great as usual and it is very entertaining seeing his character so out of his element.
    The house is awesome.

    Favourite moment: Smiley is very funny every time he is on screen.

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  • The Lure

    The Lure


    I can't believe I paid to see some old dude's weird sexual fantasy.
    I don't know what's worse, if the tedious songs, the lack of plot or point or the gratuitious naked and lesbian scenes.
    If you are into girls that look underage showing their titties and singing boring songs, then this movie may be for you. For a musical about mermaids, go watch the Disney film.

  • Veronica



    "Ohh tiempo para mí, ohh tiempo de vivir, Centella me da tiempo para disfrutar, Centella, Centella"

    Spanish horror is usually pretty interesting, and REC's co-director Paco Plaza's new movie doesn't disappoint.
    Based on a true case never solved about a teenager who played ouija with some friends and then started experiencing demonic presences at home, Veronica is not terribly original, but it manages to be very unsettling when it needs to. Best part was the setting, recreating amazingly well 1991's…