Nope ★★★★★

So much yes. SO MUCH YESSSS!!!

Jordan Peele is three for three and number three is his best cinematic experience. In scope, Nope is Peele's biggest film by far and the experience of this absolute blast on the big screen is essential. Add to the incredible visual artistry, a sound scape that will rattle your soul and Nope notches in as Peele's scariest film yet. Where Get Out and Us were creepy and thrilling, Nope aims it's sights on frights and delivers...a lot.
There's not much you can say about Nope without spoilers and the revelations are certainly part of the film's strength. I can tell you that to a person, the cast is wonderful, handling the thrills and humor of the film with ease. Daniel Kauuya returns to work with Peele a second time and is a perfect grounding force for a film that is anything but. The wonderful Keke Palmer and Steven Yuen are joined by new comer Brandon Perea to round out the central cast.
There is a message under the thrills, as is Peele's way but, the social commentary is less profound here than in his previous films.
That's basically all I can say. Nope is one of my favorite films of the year and will definitely be in my top ten come the end of 2022. Do yourself a favor and go to the theater, you'll thank me.

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