Frances Ha

Frances Ha β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…

rang in my bday by eating chinese food and watching frances ha😌

not to get serious and personal for a second, but this was actually a bit of an emotional watch and an emotional birthday for me in general. i'm 21 today (!!!!!!) which is a little scary for me and doesn't feel real. i used to remember dreaming about finally being in my 20s and now i'm here??? it feels wrong bc (not to overuse the perfect frances quote universally felt by 20-somethings everywhere) i'm not a real person yet!!!! like, actually, i'm not. this time next year i'll be graduated from university and should be entering into the next chapter of my life. the only problem is i feel like i don't even know what that is yet - i have ideas, but they're unstable and unreliable (one of them being grad school for film in nyc or oxbridge, lets hope its in the cards for me fellas bc otherwise who knows). i have to spend this final year of school setting up a future for myself that isn't really guaranteed since i love to be completely impractical. i'm also about to move out of my apartment that i share with my best friend in order to save money for whatever i do next year, and this time in a year we will likely not be living in even the same city anymore (so the frances/sophie relationship hit a little harder than it really has during previous watches).

i suppose all i'm trying to say is its both exciting and terrifying that this is my last birthday where my life feels (somewhat) stable and that i could be anywhere this time next year and this is the only place where i feel like i can kind of pour that all out even if no one really reads it!! luh u all congrats if u made it this far <3

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